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Grace like Rain

Yesterday, South African’s enjoyed the first rain of the season.

(For those of you not well aquainted with geography (Scoman) the rainy season in SA is in the summer time.)

Rain is a beautiful thing.

I was born in Seattle, home of Starbucks, Nirvana and 240 days a year of rain. Rain holds a special place in my heart.

Kissing in the rain reminds lovers of their passion. Rain cleases. It brings forth life. It reminds us of our incredible ability to be alive.

So few songs remind me so strongly how thankful I am for the rain. The promise of redemption is so strong.

I have one tattoo. The word Grace is written on my ankle as a remembrance of the ‘Grace like rain’ that cleased me and renewed my passion.

“Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, That saved a wretch like me. I once was lost but now I’m found- Was blind but now I see so clearly.

Hallelujah, grace like rain falls down on me, Hallelujah, all my stains are washed away.

‘Twas grace that taught my heart to fear. And grace my fears relieved. How precious did that grace appear. The hour I first believed…

When we’ve been there ten thousand years, Bright shining as the sun. We’ve no less days to sing Your praise Than when we first begun

Hallelujah, grace like rain falls down on me, Hallelujah, all my stains are washed away. (by Todd Agnew).


August 2, 2009 at 8:09 am 4 comments


time is a cruel thing.

the days that i wish would go faster, crawl behind me.

the days i wish to slow down, zoom ahead.

evenually im left with only a handful of memories of people ill forget.

“I wish I were with you, I couldn’t stay…Every direction leads me away.
Pray for tomorrow, but for today…All I want is to be home.

Stand in the mirror, you look the same. Just looking for shelter, from the cold and the pain.
Someone to cover, safe from the rain. All I want is to be home

Echoes and silence, patience and grace. All of these moments I’ll never replace
The Fear of my heart is th absence of faith. All I want is to be home

People I’ve loved, I have no regrets. Some I remember, some I forget.
Some of them living, some of them dead. All I want is to be home.” -Home Foo Fighters

it s time for me to go home.

July 22, 2009 at 6:16 pm 5 comments

My calling is The Calling

I have really cool taste in music. I won’t lie.

I can literally mosh with the metalheads (or Hubs whatevs.)

Or Swoon with the lovers…

Or dance like the hooker on the bar to Kanye West. If you catch me with one too many anythings, I’ll be

Quick to the point to the point no faking
I’m cooking MC’s like a pound of bacon
Burning them if you ain’t quick and nimble
I go crazy when I hear a cymbal
And a hi-hat with a souped up tempo
I’m on a roll and it’s time to go solo


I have really cool taste in music.

And Rock is my passion. Maybe it’s the three guitars that take residence in our home that gives Hubs and I away as rockers or the slammin’ guitar solos screeching from my Hifi or perhaps its my pierced and tattooed body that make the sweet, nice kids run from us.

But behind this…ahem… rough and tough… music genre facade, I have a sweet spot for one of the girliest bands that has ever graced the rock scene.

The Calling.

Where did I meet them?

In my favourite chick flick. Coyote Ugly.


This is my favourite song by them. Go check it out and mock me later!

Have a fabulous friday everyone!

May 8, 2009 at 7:15 am 4 comments

My newest Love

South Africa is home so so many beautiful musicians.

Dave Matthews was born in Johannesburg. And we all know how I feel about him. Tree63 is from South Africa. Although their *questionable* musicality is another post for another time. Seether (previously known as Saron Gas) is South African. Stealing Love Jones (previously known as Love Jones) are also from good ole , uh here.

Lately it is not those bands that I am in awe with.

The airwaves have been filled with the most extraordinary song.

Prime Circle.

Prime Circle is South African extraordinaire.

Take a listen for yourself. Tell me what you are thinking about it. Personally, I give them a 9.5 *purely because sometimes I’m hard to please*

January 13, 2009 at 12:35 am 7 comments