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Custom Stationary? Yes Please!!

Mrs Newlywed posted a fabulous giveaway for custom stationary Go check it out!!


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Giveaway winner!

Oh so exciting! Thanks to those who entered…

I have been trying all morning to rangle a screen shot of the draw. Because you know, that would be friggin’ awesome.

It was fun collecting all the points for everyone. Scoman had the highest, Hillbilly the second and Ron the third followed closely by SleepyJane and Being Brazen.

But it all came down to the draw…

The winner of the books and accessories is…

**Hillbilly Duhn**


Please send me an email within 24 hours or it falls to the second in the draw.

Again, thanks to those who entered!


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Today is my birthday and the end of the poll…

Only one of you were right.

I am officially 21 today.

Boo yah.

In order to celebrate, I am posting a giveaway! Like I promised. So many times 🙂

One of my favourite things in the world is reading. In this giveaway, you will receive some awesome and amazing books and accessories.

I love these books.

Not just because they are classics. Nor because syaing that I have read and studied themmakes me sound smart. But becuase they are the size of my ID book. Approximetly 10 X 15 cm, they fit perfectly inside your pocket or handbag. Plus they are only around 100 pages long (most are extracts of the orginal).

I will be sending you, the winner, a list of the titles I can get my hands on. You will have the option of which two titles you would prefer. You can also expect some other awesome goodies thrown in just for good measure.

Are you in?

If you want to enter this fabulous giveaway, all you gotta do is write a comment in this post. Your points will be added and entered into the draw.

Points go as follows:

1 point for:

Commenting this month. (Thats one point per comment for the entire month of April)
Nominating a favourite post

And 5 points for:

Posting about this giveaway (or how awesome I am) and telling me about it.
Following Slave to the Ordinary

Worth it? I hope so! 🙂

Giveaway closes 30 April at 00h00 (GMT +2). Results determined by

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Fantastic Friday

Today is fantastic. I have decided and firmed up my giveaway a little bit. Woohoo… Sneak peak?

I don’t think so.

But I can tell you… it is gorgeous. It’s is one of my obsessions and it will be in just your size.

So stick around and you may just see a few more hint-aroonies later in the week.

Giveaway scheduled for… my birthday… or just there after…

Watch me get a little scandalous.

If you haven’t noticed, there have been a few references to points. Know that everytime you do something awesome, you get a point. I am just letting you know. Refer someone to me. Point. Follow me? Point. You know how this works.

There’s some hints. It’s going to be awesome. I won’t lie.

Btw. New poll. My first poll… Give it a shot-aroonie. Wow that is fun to say. Awesome.

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Treats are fun because it’s nearly my birthday

I am having lots of fun planning lots of fun treats for you all as a month long celebration of my birthday. If I weren’t a lady I’d tell you my age, because I am very proud of it. However, lady code says I am not allowed. *pity*

Yesterday’s face lift was treat number one. No more eye injuring bright colours for you lovely people.

(Plus Photoshop experience is needed in my new position at work and I like to keep skillz fresh and all)

In any case. This month’s shenanigans may or may not involve a giveaway. (I know I have said this before and not followed through but this time I mean it… maybe) A giveaway of one of my favourite things. I learned this was my favourite thing not long after Meeka arrived a few months ago. Story to come…later…

It all boils down to me. And my birthday.

Tomorrow, a treat for you my lovely readers. Hillbilly Duhn and I go waaaaay back. She was one of my first loyal readers and we have grown into wonderful bloggy friends. Can’t wait to read what you have down your sleeve Hillbilly!

Let the treats begin!!!

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I won!

I came back today from my extreme camping trip to see that I won Hillbilly’s giveaway! Needless to say I am so very excited! Thanks again to her and her fabulous Husband for choosing me! I suppose I should begin thinking of my own giveaway! Would ya’ll be keen on something South African? Or something more fabulously chic? Weigh in and I’ll keep my eyes open!

The camping trip was amazing! Thanks for hanging in there with the scheduled posts. Although it looks like only a few actually posted. Ehm. Lame. I would care more but last night I was caught in a ferocious thunderstorm and yeah, nearly died. Ok not really but it kinda felt like it.

It looks like I did promise a sneak peek at the invites. I have to be honest A good little blogger would blur out all the names and yadda yadda. So if you are planning on stalking me, please don’t. Thanks.

Here was our inspiration: The Fi and I saw this on theknot and LOVED it.

We made a bit less stark and more elegant using, of course, chocolate brown and red! I tried really hard to get a good picture of it but this was the best I got:

It was very exciting giving them to our friends and family. Sorry Grandma, yours will be posted soon! Just waiting to hear from Ann about her or Grandpa’s postal address :)(Shameless I know! 🙂 )

December 16, 2008 at 11:59 am 5 comments

Nana’s Box

Nana’s box is a touching blog supporting the victims of cancer. It is a nonprofit service which provides a photo box to cancer patients who are under going treatment.

This service provides support the patient through volunteers who are interested in the emotional support of cancer patient. She says it more eloquently than I. Go read it here.

Nana’s box is doing a fantastic giveaway with the most beautiful pendants! I can’t seem to get the pictures of the pendants on here. (darn) But go check it out! There are some FABULOUS pendants! Here is the link for her entire collection.

Go here to enter before 14 December!!

December 9, 2008 at 6:52 am 2 comments