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Hair Lopping

I cut 3 inches of hair to celebrate spring. and then the springtime went away. Cruel? Yes. Typical? Probably.

Anyway, I promised a picture. Here you go:

I know what you are thinking. “Hey what? This chick’s making a funny face!”

Yes, because as I am taking this photo I suddenly realise that I have no make-up on. Which leads me to think “Blog FAIL”. Which lead me to think of this picture:

You are welcome

You are welcome

so this is me trying not to laugh.


August 28, 2009 at 3:05 pm 5 comments

Let me see you, funky animal.

Chic Geek Pointed me in the direction of this website. I’m loving it in a serious fashion. In fact, I am excited to take some new pictures to use these filters on!

I’ve heard that Photoshop can do filters like this, but I am such a Photoshop loser that I have yet to figure out how to do that.


I threw in this mediocre picture of Hubs and I last year at his nephews wedding.


And got these results!


Pretty awesome right?


And my favourite…


I’m excited.

The End

July 13, 2009 at 10:53 am 6 comments

Being Mr and Mrs Fancypants!

Hubs and I got to stay at the Intercontinental last week for work and were treated like royalty.

and I mean like SERIOUS royalty!

Did you know that there were people who’s job is to fluff your pillow at night while setting up a cloth at the foot of your bed, slip on slippers and pour you water each night? That’s not to mention the fabulousness that was the bedtime chocolate.

I know it’s a bit of a late post. I mean if you follow me on Twitter, you’ve known about this for ages. By ages I mean a week.

Anyhoozles, I took pictures!

Avoid the judgements of my tiredness and Hubs’s faces. He was not as interested in the photo taking as I.

Enjoy! I sure did!

This is my excited face!

This is my excited face!


You can’t see so because my huge head was in the way, but this marble bathroom was as big as my flat!

Room Service? Yes, Please!

Room Service? Yes, Please!

Mr and Mrs Fancypants

Mr and Mrs Fancypants

When were you last treated like royalty?

July 6, 2009 at 10:02 am 3 comments