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Holding Grudges

I have a few people I wish to inveterate in fiction. Those people that I can expound on every blackhead, fat roll and brown mole.

Them with their stubborn elitism with distinguished ignorance.

Those who use words which stand for hate. And disrespect.

and hypocrisy.

She, who would read my words and think it were her sister. Or mother perhaps.

But would never think it were her.

Oh sweet! How sweet would it be to tear them apart for their soulful hatred of one.


The one who would inveterate them in fiction.

and laugh as she mocked her own family

as she mocked me.


November 6, 2009 at 5:11 am 2 comments

Keeping you up to date on the DL

Right, so I’ve been quiet. And cryptic. And I know you are dying to hear what I have been doing!

Here’s a few hints…

It’s a big change…

It’s totally new…

It’s super expensive…

And it’s not a baby (sorry grandma)

that’s right.

Hubs and I have been looking for a house. And we put an offer down yesterday. (Most stressful time of my entire life.)

South Africa does things a bit backward here and so after we put in the offer we have to get bank approval (weird I know). So offer down, acceptance from seller and… now we wait to make sure the bank likes us.

Hubs and I are very excited.

It’s a 3 bedroom, 2 lounge, 1.5 bath, massive garden beauty.

PS That reccession was our *female puppy*

Crossing fingers that all goes well!

September 23, 2009 at 3:07 pm 5 comments

Because I can’t think of other things to talk about…

Happy Saturday! This week was a stressful and yucky one for me.

But, my flu is on it’s way out (I ate breakfast for the first time this week!)

I lost 3 kgs this week.

Pookie and I are going to have an awesome weekend in just 2 weeks time.

It’s sad because I haven’t seen her since the wedding. Lame.

I’m going off to get a haircut today.

Even if Hubs doesn’t realise it yet.

I think this weekend is going to make up for my less than desireable week.

August 15, 2009 at 6:47 am 6 comments

Hubs is da man.

Hubs and I have the world’s creepiestmost random conversations.

I asked him how he would function with a wife like Megan Fox.

She was deemed the world’s sexiest woman of 2009. (after a quick google search I understand why- the Woman doesn’t understand the idea of clothes very well). Anyhoozles, Hubs is da man. He didn’t know who she was!

‘Who is Megan Fox?’ were his exact words.

I was shocked. All I could muster up was:

Good answer, my love, good answer.

The End.

August 4, 2009 at 5:39 pm 6 comments

Coming to Terms with my Own ‘ness’

I am not as self aware as I like to think I am. I think that this lack of awareness is evident to every person I spend time with except myself.

In fact, my boat rocks whenever someone points out a tick, or strange habit, or personality trait that I hadn’t thought of previously.

And by rocks, I mean, that my boat dumps me into the frigid and lonely basket of self pity.

I am not a frivolous person. I don’t chat about shoes, or handbags or how “she said that he said that she wanted to be on Idols but she’s like totally way to old” crap.

There are serious things in the world. And there are few groups people (that’s tolerance right there) I dislike more than those that presume everything is a joke. Not only is it one really bad mask to hide ones insecurities behind, but it’s really annoying to someone who is trying to discuss things deeper than the skin cream she wears. (See. More tolerance.)

I care about Politics. Both here and abroad.

I care about those who cut .

I care about appreciating life.

I am not a frivolous person.

I take things rather seriously.

There are many people I know that don’t understand this. And that is what scares me. There are people (whom I am unable to ignore) who choose to well only in the frivolous. And while they are the nicest, sweetest folk- spending time with them actually hurts. Not in the elitist sense though, I don’t feel superior to these individuals becuase they take things lightly. Instead, I feel burned by them and their judgements that I take things too seriously.

Apparently that’s something unforgiveable.

But to me, it’s unabandonable.

As I come to terms with my own serious ‘ness’ (can I call it maturity?) I’ll wait until they come to terms with their childish ‘ness’. And we can meet in the middle and discuss things like TV (that I don’t really watch) and if I’m lucky, a world event or two, outside of Aston Kutcher’s latest tweet.

August 3, 2009 at 3:15 pm 5 comments


My mother is really into scrapbooking.

She does an extraordinary job making the most beautiful pages.

I= N00b.

She’s been harrassing persuading me to join her for ages now. I have an album I ‘did’ when I was a kid. It’s nothing but a mash of cut up pictures and sappy poems I thought were meaningful. It’s truly awful- nay- borderline shameful.

But, I love creating with her. It’s always more fun to get inspiration and use her pretty stamps and fancy buttons. Plus, mom time is always fab. Read: *I adore my mother*

Trouble is, I get such creative blocks! The paper and goodies used to create a scrapbook page are so beautiful and hold so much potential, I sit there and stare at them until I freak myself out so much that I can’t even imagine…RIPPING… TEARING…. DESTROYING…these things to attempt creating something okay looking.

Pathetic? Yes.

Neurotic? Probably.

The makings of a great scrapbooker? No.

I told her I’d try. So this weekend I’ll be trying for real.

Oh I’m gettting the shhhakes.


July 27, 2009 at 3:06 pm 8 comments

One sentence to explain my thoughts. Ok maybe two.

There is more to living than being alive…

Oh and Hubs is awesome because he opened my bottle of wine WITHOUT a bottle opener. I love Fridays.

To being undead.


July 24, 2009 at 4:07 pm 2 comments

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