Life Story

I grew up in the States very comfortable and suburban. I made a lot of friends and enjoyed a very stable and very blessed few years. As a family, we planned many trips to South Africa to visit the family who lived there. It was unreal to think that we could function outside the red white and blue.

I should have taken the talks more seriously. The news shattered me. Relocation.

I was 16, just got my licence and finally got into the top high school program in the state. God was blessing me. My heart shattered.

But my family and I, fueled with enthusiasm and ambition to share the Love of God to people across the globe, moved to the coastal region of South Africa where we were hit hard. Suddenly, all the grandiose plans we made, fell short. We crammed into a tiny apartment and prayed to be rescued.

We weren’t.

At least not right away.

The two and half years spent in that tiny town on the coast ate at me. Friends were harder to come by for all of us and we had no one to turn to but God. We prayed. And we trusted. and I doubted.

It took me so long to get over it-to regain stability in my place in the world. Everything I had known had turned out to be completely different. Cultures were different. Religions were different. There wasn’t the same yearning inside those around me for hope or grace.I felt completely unrelatable.

After high school, I begain working right away as a cocktail waitress. It was there where I learned about true evil, and true destitution. And the real meaning of God’s Amazing Grace. I met Hubs that year and he reminded me how being alive felt. He reminded me that I could not be separated from Christ’s love. We courted for two years: the two years that are evident in this blog, and were married in 2009.

The joy I talk about experiencing is not an empty joy. It is the joy that is found in knowing Jesus Christ.

I don’t talk a lot about my faith, for fear of coming across wrong. But when I talk about how my life has run its course, there is no way I could possibly avoid the topic. Without Jesus, I am nothing. Without grace I am condemned. The joy I experience -well, Jesus is the source.


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  • 1. MiSS RAmbLEs  |  June 11, 2009 at 7:42 pm

    tht is an amazing story and the best part is despite all the setbacks and hardships you didn’t completely loose your faith and i commend you for that and pray God continues to bless you:)


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