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Waiting Schmaiting – 20SB style.

“This post is a part of 20SB’s Looking Back Blog Carnival, and Ben & Jerry’s is awarding free ice cream to lucky bloggers and readers!” (I was totally told to say that. But Ice cream is on the line and thus I will reduce myself to copycatting. So there.)

All I’ve gotta to in order to stand a chance is re-post a post from the first two months of my blog.

Believe it or not, I’ve been blogging off and on for almost three years. The posts at the begining weren’t really meant for reading. I had typed them purely as a way to express the mish mash of things that were happening. It wasn’t so much a reflection of my personal journey but an explination of the things I knew in a time period where I knew very little.

This post was written during a time period of waiting. I had just started dating Hubs and things were going exceedingly well for a serial heartbreaker like myself and I had just quit my job at the cocktail place and was awaiting a new opportunity. In addition, my application to Uni was held up by red tape and my life ambitions were doing that strange pre-shatter waver. I didn’t know much. But this is what I did know:

Instant Gratification August 30th 2007

This morning on my way for my morning cup of coffee I noticed an open box of Lindt chocolate. I have never been one to pass up an unattended open box of chocolates- so I took a tiny little sliver of this seemingly decadent rich chocolate and popped it in my watering mouth. To my surprise my expectant taste buds were met not with a smooth sensual ‘party in the mouth’ but a powdery, thick, chalky and overall disgusting sensation of pure unsweetened cocoa. Since it dissolved so quickly, I had to experience this feeling of dirt crammed down my oesophagus. I marched into the room of the owner of the chocolate and demanded an explanation…

I like my chocolate to be instantaneously gratifying. I don’t care about the health benefits of that disgusting chocolate, nor does it matter that its what all those skinny people in France enjoy. No, I want to shove it into my mouth and have it taste good now.

I never liked Target stores for one reason. When you wanted to return an item, the customer care system involved taking a number. I HATE TAKING NUMBERS! I would rather stand in a line and wait with the others in full view of how much longer I have. Maybe its the logic of the insane, but since I can see the woman with her cart stuffed with things to return and the man with only a blender to take back, I can somehow prepare myself for the wait. But if you tell me to take a number and to take a seat I somehow can’t tell how long I must wait. I can’t nudge the slowpoke to take the next teller. I must just be patient.

Telling me to be patient rips my insides like vulture ripping open its prey. It hurts. Because I am working on it. I try breathing. I try focusing on something else. I try to practice my ’stop him with a single glance’ smile. But I like instant gratification too much if I am perfectly honest and so I’ll lose the patience I once claimed…


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My Memorial Post. (You all know you wanna do it too)

The world is suddenly less weird.

And less beautiful.

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The Vuvuzela

The Confed cup is underway with lots of noise! The wonderful *choke* vuvuzela has really been causing a ruckus!

The Vuvuzla:

is a plastic trumpet that when blown emits a high pitched blasting sound, much like a big air-horn on trucks, except maybe more irritating.

South Africans have being blowing these things by the droves, drowning out any commentary, music and thoughts of those in the stadiums and watching on the television.

Personally, I don’t give a damn about soccer. Or even the World Cup **may the government and its people not see that statement and throw me in Anti SA prison** But those cursed vuvuzelas can die.

I along with Basil Coetzee “find comments about this being a truly African experience condescending and patronising.” I would like to know how a PLASTIC TRUMPET is at all South African? What about this blasted noise maker is African in nature? It’s plastic. And a trumpet. It’s a gosh darn plastic trumpet.

Unless of course, the nature of South Africans is irritation, inconsiderate, loud and obnoixious. Only then would vuvuzelas be African. And that my friends is just ludicrous.

Isn’t it?

Sure I’ve heard the arguements for the Vuvs. I get that we can’t ban the shouting in England or the other ruckus’s in other countries, but for the sakes of the Wives of Soccer fans, please oh please… ban the vuvuzelas.


I need to protect my hearing for old age and things.

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Some Girls like Men with Facial Hair…

Others prefer some guitar-age.

What is your #1 happiness trait of the opposite sex?

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*Untitled* because I can’t think of one.

I didn’t realise how isolated I would feel once I got married. My single friends humour me as I discuss another night of getting home from work late and cooking dinner before passing out on the couch. I humour them as they discuss the life I used to live, but can no longer relate to. My married friends discuss the future of babies and I bore them with my plans to travel my youth away.

The voices in my head discuss old memories to each other. Remember this? I hear. But today, I don’t want to remember. Yesterday I didn’t want to remember. Grieving the loss of friendships and the old path I travelled, wasn’t part of the plan four months ago when I got married. This wasn’t something I thought would happen. I thought the excitement of the things to come would far outway the things that already came.

Some days it does.

This field-day my emotions are having is completely linked to the seeming lack of girlfriends to galavant with. Hubs helps as much as he can (even taking me shopping. For NO REASON! *go Hubs*. But sometimes a girl’s gotta find some girlfriends to giggle with.

I never thought I’d say that.


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I wish I could dump all these words

onto a slip of paper.

To hide them away from my heart.

As much as I want to remember, I want to forget.

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Webpage Updates

Have you seen the new tabs up on the top there? No? Go Look! 🙂

And have an awesome day-because it’s Friday dang it!

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