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Today is the day of DESTINY!

Meeka, my BFF love, is arriving in a mere 3.459 hours.

Oh, I will be posting photos… So be warned…


January 29, 2009 at 10:01 am 7 comments

Tummy aches and Rooibos tea

I woke up yesterday feeling pretty crappy. I pulled myself to work, barely managing to crawl from the desk to the copy machine. But I did it. I managed to eat some dinner and, despite feeling like tossing it, I kept it down. I didn’t think it was a problem to stay up until this morning in a desperate attempt to get things ready for when Meeka arrives from the States (which is tomorrow! YAY!). Staying up late was really dumb.

I woke up this morning just before 6 with the tummy ache from Satan himself. My muscles, my tummy, my head, my throat, my eyes and, yes, even my teeth throb with unrelenting aching. But I’ve got leave taken for my Honeymoon and I can’t stay home so here I am at work unable to eat anything. (I’m thinking this might not be a bad thing since I’ve always wanted to lose a few more dress sizes for my wedding. So maybe not eating will service my goals. hmmm)

In any case, when I am ill I am a sucker for rooibos tea. It’s a SA specialty made from some red bush thing (rooibos means red bush. That’s the only reason I know that. Here’s a handy wiki link. It’s fasinating. When you are bored. Only.) and it tastes like nothing I’ve had before. It’s incredible. Like a gigantic party in my mouth.

So I’m going to stop complaining now about how yucky I feel. I will stop rejoicing with the rooi-to-the-bos-to-the-tea. And I will return to working on the Fixed Assets form.

(because it’s determining the fixed assets that makes my heart skip a beat)

(And will one day lead to my tragic heart-attack inspired demise)

January 28, 2009 at 9:04 am 7 comments

Humiliating the Aussies.

This morning I got such a beautiful wake up listening to our local radio station. Darren (whackhead) Simpson pranked 2day Fm in Sydney. How brilliant is this?

As payback for recent criticism, Simpson posed as Tom Cruise’s crew and claimed to offer Kyle and Jackie O a phone interview with Tom Cruise. 2day FM promoted and prepared for the interview extensively only to find that they had been fooled. The Australian prankers had been pranked by South Africa’s very own Prankster. I will admit, Kyle and Jackie O handled the surprise very graciously. Go Darren!

I can’t help but wonder (and look forward to) when Jackie O gets Darren back for this wonderful morning guffaw (let’s be honest, it wasn’t a mere giggle but a “lets get the guy sitting opposite to me in traffic to stare at my open mouth and closed eyes” guffaw)

If you want to listen to the prank yourself, go here.

Oh yes, and didn’t South Africa kick the Aussies in the Cricket? I sure think they did.

January 27, 2009 at 5:55 am 7 comments

How off beat are you?

I like to throw spanners. Metaphorical spanners of course… I’m not too sure what an actual spanner actually looks like.

But I digress.

I’m not to into the ‘traditionality’ of anything. It’s a wonder that I stayed in res as long as I did. (My res was really just a sorority with a different name and more booze. And more traditions. and more booze)

This has been a bit of a heater when it comes to the wedding. Well meaning familiy members are concerned about the untraditional elements in my wedding and the strangeness that is me. All I have to say to them is “merr”. Which is not an acronym for anything but rather a sound emitted by the non-caring.

I go to church and have piercings and a tattoo. You would probably guess this, so it probably won’t come as a surprise, but I have been told no less than 3 times in the last few months that I may or may not be going to Hell for ‘disgracing’ my temple. Merrr.

All in all, I have elements of myself that do not fit into the classic labels that I have either adopted or been forced into.

But what I am not into is the contest to show off how off beat (weird?!) I am. Not into this. My little bro is big into labels. He’s 17. Who can blame him?

This irritates me to no end. If I hear about how ‘jock’ something is. Or how ’emo’ or how freakin’ ‘preppy’ something is, I may or may not rip out my gullet and slap him with it.

My conversations are usually:

Me: What are your opinions of the guy across the street?

Yoshi: He’s such a jock I totally hate him.

Me: And his sister?

Yoshi: Ah she’s ok.

Me: Why is she ok and not her brother?

Yoshi: *looks at me like my brain is dripping from my ears* because she’s metal.

It’s fantastic that he says this. Because then I get images of metal people.

I full-on don’t understand why you would want to put yourself into a certain label. Every person I have met is more complex than any label.

So I am asking you, (if you are still reading this) what labels have you adopted? Why have you adopted them and why you don’t actually fit into this label?

January 23, 2009 at 12:56 pm 8 comments

Myself as a six year old

When I was a kid I wanted to be a race car driver/dancer/pediatrician/teacher. I had it all worked out. I even had time in the afternoon after my lunch break to be a beautician if I so desired. There were so many hours in the day without nap time to do things that I desired. I truly believed I had the world at my feet.

And I did.

Despite my confidence at age 6, as I grew taller the days grew shorter. I am nearly 5′ 11″. The days are freakin’ short now.

Age muddles things. Dreams are less clear as we fight cynicism. Things are not bright and shiny and crystally any longer. I no longer know how I will make my contribution to society. I feel fear. I feel regret and I feel hesitation.

Not everything has changed since I was six though. I am still naive. I am still ridiculously sassy. My hair still forms ringlets and despite training myself to stop believing in fairy tales, I do still believe in happy endings.

My happy ending is approaching.

Happy Endings may never be happily ever after. But the Fi is my happy ending. Marrying the Fi is my happily ever after.

(That might just be naive bride-to-be speaking, but go with it people. Just go with it.)

January 22, 2009 at 3:12 pm 5 comments

I am de weeeener

I won my first little bloggy award. Thanks to Sco-man for offering it to me! 🙂

Things have gotten so insane around here that I can hardly breathe. Meeka my BFF is arriving in a mere 9 days and the wedding is in 33. So booyah. I am busy.

Deal with it.

January 20, 2009 at 10:25 am 5 comments

My own personal moose. And why I dislike him and would prefer a Canadian moose instead.

Ok, I am over my little deppro moment of self reflection and yadda yadda.

Now I would like to tell you all about my own moose. Just in case you didn’t pick that up in the title.

All this silliness about Canada and Mooses makes me giggle a thousand times over. Sure it’s a fun joke but I actually have a moose as a neighbor.

I kid you not.

Due to privacy resrictions its uncool to post his actual photo here but he looks a lot like this.

Again I kid you not.

He looks like that. Only human. He’s my own personal mooseguy.

He’s big and clunky and as bright as his dirty fingernails.

I wrote him a letter before I rip out my gullet and slap him across the face with it.

(Because that may or may not be overtly disgusting and painful [both for me and for him])

Dear Moose,

Please keep your mating calls quieter. I live across the street and can still hear you hoopin’ and hollerin’ from my own bedroom. I understand the natural instinct to breed with every moosette but really, I would prefer to not hear your sexytime parties from my bedroom.

Thank you,

Girl who knows the track that gets you screamin’ the loudest.

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (moose for Cheers)

January 15, 2009 at 10:25 am 15 comments

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