Princess is SO last winter

November 2, 2008 at 4:00 am 2 comments

What is it about wedding dresses that are so dang appealing? I must admit to the THOUSAND times that I paraded around my house with a sheet draped over my head pretending to be a bride. Or princess. Or the Bride princess. Or even the Princess Bride. (man I loved that movie… ‘No more rhyming I mean it… Anybody want a peanut? *Sigh*)

Yesterday my mom and I paraded around Joburg in search of a less expensive wedding gown (the very last thing on my to-do for this week) than the previous dresses I had liked. Let me just set the scene here:

We drive by the place once. Why because it is dirty, mangy and not at all bridal-esque. Both of us were… apprehensive at best. We walk in to a few brides trying on a few dresses and are led into the back with the racks of dresses. Two assistants tried to help us, jabbering away in Afrikaans. After trying on the first few ugly dresses we decided to ditch the help. So they went and ate potato chips on the bench. The main seamstress lady decides she knows what I want. So she wants me to try on the meringue dress. (Gosh, if there could be an dress that is the antithesis of me and my personal style it would be this dress) Sure, it’s pretty and a lot of girls would kill for a dress like it… But me? No thanks. I can’t help but giggle to think of me in such a… thing. I would look like a cupcake dropped upside-down and made into a meringue tart.

We tried on all sorts of dresses. And this was frustrating. I knew what I wanted and I wasn’t getting anything CLOSE! I didn’t want to be picky, I just wanted to look great and feel great.

I tried on a dress with the train longer than I am tall. And I am a tall girl, 5’10 and a bit. It was massive. When it was bustled, Which was quite a mission in itself, the fabric tugged on my bum pulling it towards the ground with its weight. UGH!

I got to look Medieval. Which was funny. Too bad the web page doesn’t offer a photo of that dress. What is the difficulty of clean, modern lines?!?

I tried this dress on. It looks way better on the model. But not by much… In the end, Just as we were about to leave the store thinking everything was hopeless… We tried it. The one that sat there in the corner. The dress with the… details that cried out for attention…

And it was it. And after negotiation R1300 off the initial price, she is mine (for the day anyway!)

What? You think I am going to put picture up of it? No ways! You get to wait until the wedding. What if the Fi saw? Exactly. *Disaster*


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  • 1. InkyFingers  |  November 2, 2008 at 8:08 pm

    But I won’t tell! You can email it to me! Keeping us all in suspense, that’s just not fair!

  • 2. Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills  |  November 3, 2008 at 5:06 am

    i’m SO glad I discovered your blog through NaBloPoMo – yay!

    I’m doing it too, by the way.

    Have you considered having your wedding dress made? That way you can get what you want, tailored to fit your body, and it will be waaaay cheaper than buying a dress.


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