Wedding Blues…and Reds… and Browns…

October 2, 2008 at 12:06 pm 2 comments

So here I am procrastinating writing that article, reading that play and finishing that novel. So I’ll do more constructive procrastination. I am trying to decide what types of centerpieces I want in the middle of each table on THAT day. Thinking I was a pretty easy-going low maintenance kinda gal, I thought that this whole decision making bit would be a breeze. It turns out that I am not so low maintenance. I am, in fact, not so easy going. And, in conclusion, I am not very good at making decisions.

I knew what I had wanted. I wanted three glass jars with swirled flowers on the inside. Now after searching through tons and tons of images of how other people did it I am not too sure what I want anymore. All these options just seem to bog my once clear and concise vision.

Yes of course I realise I am talking about frivolous things here. Trust me when I say that I realise the significance of my wedding does not lay in centerpieces, cake designs, or even (yes I’ll say it) my dress. My beauty will not make the day a success. A three tiered chocolate ganache with white chocolate filigree will not make my day a success. And no, not even swirled flowers in fish bowls will not make it a success despite what these wedding planners and ‘aides’ say.

Things that will make my day a success are not even things that I can possibly plan. The moment that David and I come before God and announce our love and commitment to each other and to a continuation of serving Him together… That is what makes the day a success. My family and friends joining together to celebrate the idea of love and marriage as it relates to Christ and His church – that is what will make the day a success. I know it is weird to say and oh so contrary to what everyone one else says… My wedding is NOT about me. It might be a very special day, but our marriage is merely a symbol to far greater and sweeter things.

That is my vision for our wedding day. To celebrate not just my love, but their love. And ultimately to celebrate Jesus’ love for us.

….And of course to have a fabulous time doing so šŸ™‚

So no. I don’t know what kind of centerpieces I am going to have. I don’t know how the cake is going to look and curses, I still haven’t finished the song list for the DJ. But at least my vision is concise again and maybe that will help keep things in perspective.


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A Love Song for a Saviour Thank you!

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  • 1. Your artistic view  |  October 2, 2008 at 6:25 pm

    And, as long as Jesus is consistently the center of it all, no matter what cake you have or center piece you pick- it will all be more wonderful and beautiful than anyone could ever imagine or dream up for you. Our father is wonderful like that and anything that honors him blesses us. šŸ™‚ Good-luck on all that is coming!!!

  • 2. DahlingItsMe  |  October 4, 2008 at 12:47 am

    Though having said all that, people will remember the event as a whole, and you want everyone to have fun, so, these details, do, unfortunately, matter on some level… I know I am also at the long, arduous planning stage of my wedding…


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