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My vase of flowers

Oh desolate Rose!
This is what I fear.
Can you hear the connection?
Our confounded isolation.
Weep in the sweetness,
Choke on your misery.
Oh barren Rose!
Stoop before me
Flower of pain
It is in thee that I remain.


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A Pair of Shoes

We went for a walk
In my dusty shoes
Tainted and smoggy.

Sauntering through the roses
We stopped to

Arches of petals dancing,
and he leans in.
Hot breath meeting nothing.

And there he is looking at me
And I stare at my shoes.
My dusty, dark and broken shoes.

My shoes are dusty,
As my heart is muddy
Laced inside the stitching
It breathes deeply
Determined to remain.

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